Tanalised softwood sleepers will achieve and attractive dark brown/grey finish with the bleaching effect of the sun within 3-6 months, perfect for all garden uses, water features, patios, raised beds, borders, etc.

Beautifual oak sleepers are cut straight from the tree, primarily straight-edged, naturally long-lasting, untreated, new sleepers for almost any garden use imaginable. Please remember that oak sleeper dimensions can vary a little dur to their rough sawn nature. Patios can be created with these sleepers , raised beds, planters and even garden furniture! The most versatile of our sleepers, it can even be used for creating outdoor furniture if used in its existing large sections.

Reclaimed solid oak sleepers will last for many decades and offer an outstanding piece of reclaimed oak at a very low price. Ideal for barn and garage lintels, borders and many other uses where the appearance of natural aged oak is necessary.

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